Yellow Sea

  Aberdeenshire, Spring 2012, a yellow sea of rapeseed flower. This is probable one of the most common sights in the Scottish countryside each spring, that nonetheless makes for a pleasant view.

Old world war II bunker in the snow at Balmedie beach

Balmedie Bunker

This is an old World War II bunker, situated in Balmedie beach in Aberdeenshire. These were in place I believe to protect a radar station s and used to sit at the top of the dunes, but with the years they have moved due to the sand movements. The beach used to be used to defuse…

Photograph of a cloudy sunrise with a seagull standing on a rock in profile against the sun.


In what is a dark and rainy day in Scotland today, I thought a photo of a rising sun could cheer a few faces. This was the summer of 2010, Portlethen beach in the East Coast of Scotland, a very early wake up call to capture the sunrise. There were several seagulls standing on the…

Photograph of an old boat leaning in the harbour in West Scotland, black and white photograph.

The Leaning Boat

Came across this leaning boat when travelling across the West Coast of Scotland. It had seen better days and not certain if it was being prepared for repairs or had come to the end of its life, but it lend it self perfectly to a nostalgic type picture.

Winter Wonderland

Nothing like the first day of snow to bring out the child in us! This was the winter of 2015, and as the snow started to gather on the ground we jumped outside. On this particular occasion my wife was running, pulling along our giggling child on his sledge, and a memory was made!

Fyvie Castle – Aberdeenshire

This was a slanted take on perspective of Fyvie Castle in Aberdeenshire. There’s something about looking at the castle against the cloudy sky that makes this picture a firm favourite with me, almost like if you were lying on the grass relaxing on a nice Autumn day. The grounds of the castle are typically Scottish, green and…