The Pyramids

For those that believe that the Giza Pyramids lie in the middle of the Sahara desert, think again. The Giza complex is on the edge of the Giza Governate, with buildings edging the complex and the Sahara desert then lying behind the pyramids. These particular photos were taken in January 2010, while escaping a particular bad winter in the UK and before the events of the Arab Spring, so it was easy enough to move around.

A sandstorm was making its way towards the town as is evident from the haze surrounding the pyramids, which didn’t make for ideal conditions for photography, but still managed to get some reasonable shots.

 Cairo is a unique experience, somewhere that is definitely worth visiting once. It’s a chaotic city, bustling with people and traffic. Most buildings are unfinished and this is related to tax laws, where once a building is finished tax is due to be paid. So, most people leave the top floors unfinished, which doesn’t necessarily make for a pretty sight.


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