Florence and its iconic landscape


For those of you that have never been, this is Florence! An incredibly beautiful city which at the moment is top of my favourite destinations. History seeps from the walls in every building of this city, that gave the world some of its greatest artists and works of Art, mostly courtesy of the Medici.

 If you have Netflix and you love Florence you should definitely watch Medici – Masters of Florence, it’s a truly great drama! Netflix – Medici, Masters of Florence

Also once in Italy, we couldn’t miss out on driving a true classic, a 50 year old Fiat 500!



Streamlined dashboard, with only 3 buttons! And no, it did not have a touchscreen satnav…


Never really went past 30km/h, but felt quicker than that and there was nothing much to distract you on the dashboard, one button for the windscreen wipers, one for the right headlight and another for the left headlight! And we did manage to see some stunning landscapes.




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